SEE Summit Day 1: Travel Day #smartee

It’s 11:13 pm here in Canada and after an extremely long weekend and early start, the SMART SEE Summit has officially begun. The SMART SEE Summit is a week long intensive professional development conference specifically for a selection of educators who are a part of SMART’s Exemplary Educator program. Being selected to attend the SEE Summit is such an honor that I literally cannot even verbalize my giddiness at being here…IN CANADA!

The travel to Canada and through customs was actually pretty smooth. The best part was connecting with my SMARTEE travel buddies once we all cleared customs. I was so excited to finally meet many of the educators that I’ve been able to connect with via twitter like John Mein who creates some of the coolest SMARTboard games and shares them online.

I also met Winnie, who has to be the coolest down to earth person that I’ve met in a long time. This woman could literally probably do stand up comedy of just her life stories…she’s that funny! To top it off, Winnie is my roomie and my new SMARTbff…clearly!

Checking in wasn’t a breeze at all but I actually have no complaints there. Standing in line gave us all an opportunity to meet which was great. Every educator here is truly excited to be here and it showed. I even met and spoke with another SEE from the Czech republic and probably would have horrified her with my near adaptation of the Pivo song that I learned in band. No worries…I didn’t sing it…forgot the words 🙂

Our first dinner as a SMARTee family in Canada was so great. The food was plentiful and tasty but the connections made were even better. Our ice breaker game required that we find one personal and professional detail about the person to our left. I think that every person shared much more than one detail and although, the process was long it was pretty hilarious and definitely provided some conversational pieces throughout the night.

All week long, you can follow the action…tips, tricks and ideas by following the hashtag #smartee. In addition, look for lessons and activities being created and shared by SEE Summit participants. I’ll definitely be sharing here in my blog and via twitter.

In the meantime, below are a few more images from day 1 of the SEE Summit shared via instagram.


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