SEE Summit Day 2: Thank You Kay Weathers

Dear Kay Weathers

Thank you so much for making sure that one of the many legacies you left behind at EISD was making sure that we had a 100% implementation of SMARTboards. Thank you even more for including me in the training and implementation. I am honestly experiencing such an amazing opportunity here in Canada because of you. (Kay Weathers is my district’s former Technology director. She’s not retired and enjoying life beyond public school)

Today was all about where SMART is and where SMART will be going. All that I can say is, just wait! Literally, that is all that I can say…legally. After today’s very productive day, I decided to take a trip to the Calgary tower with several other SMARTEES. At 1228 meters above sea level, the Calgary tower claims to be the highest 360 degree observation deck in the world and that just might be true. The highlight of the night was not us packing an elevator to ride up 525 floors, but almost everyone laying down on the glass observation deck to take pictures depicting falling. Honestly, the picture taking looked so fun so I did it too and it wasn’t fun so much…FREAKED ME OUT! But, I did it and kindly deleted those pics afterwards!

After the Calgary tower, we traveled to the Olympic village from the 1988 Olympics. I actually wanted to visit the Olympic village just to take pics in front of the Olympic rings and I did…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Tomorrow we get to spend the day focusing on content creation, which I look forward to doing. I imagine that there will be a great amount of sharing going on. Stay tuned!

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