Self-Hosted WordPress Tips: Choosing a Theme, Designing and Chrome Extensions to Help

One of the highlights of my rebranding of all of my social spaces has been receiving positive feedback from visitors and collaborators. I love that people actually think that my blog was a big ordeal to design. It was not. I run a self-hosted wordpress blog which means that I run the wordpress software on my servers. It’s a choice that I made once I understood how blogging worked.

The beauty of self-hosting is that you can choose your own theme or in my case, framework, and customize it however you choose. My blog is running the Headway theme, which is basically a blank canvas that lets me build whatever I want on every page. Seriously, if I wanted to make every page look different, I could.

Headway Drag and Drop WordPress Website Builder

Once I chose my color landscape, I partnered with a design friend, Social Ink DFW, to create my banner which now serves as my backdrop across almost every network. We collaborated on the banner but as far as the rest of my blog, I did it all on my own.

socialinkdfw (socialinkdfw) on Twitter

The rest of my blog is all about widgets, plugins and placement.

Themes, Themes and More Themes…

What if you are not okay with crafting your own design? There are plenty of places that have these done for you! Below are a few places to start. I will say that unless you are running a framework which lets you control the design and structure, you might still need to know a bit of coding in order to tweak certain things here and there. I relied heavily on wordpress forums and also on just “playing” and to this day, there are still small things that I have to google, but I do fully understand how wordpress themes work and can pretty much call exactly which file and code needs to be tweaked for certain actions to occur.

WordPress Themes Loved By Over 230k Customers

WordPress Themes | Website Templates | Create a Website | ThemeForest

Chrome Extensions for Blogging

Inspiration comes in all forms. What if you wanted to know more about a blog page that you are on? What if you needed to find the measurement of graphics for a page? If you’re using a tool like Canva, you might even need the hex color!

Well, there’s an extention for that! I have three Chrome extensions that I use frequently. Check them out and also watch the video below as I share how to use them and what I use them for!

BuiltWith Technology Profiler


Eye Dropper

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