Seriously, I Get Paid for This?

passionI’ve never had a drive home quite like today. I couldn’t stop smiling. I smiled so much that my cheeks hurt. I’m smiling right now as I write…can’t stop!

Today, I officially began my journey with Arlington ISD as a Specialist in the Instructional Technology Department. It still feels surreal to write it…to say it.

As a part of my job, I get to work with multiple campuses of over 500 teachers in their efforts to support learning with technology.The bonus is that we have an entire team of specialists, each with their own group of campuses who share the same purpose and they are all amazingly talented.

The highlight for me was that my first official project is to lead a couple of sessions for secondary math and technology. I get to work with Algebra II, Math Models and Geometry teachers as we explore ways to integrate relevant tools.  I could not have written a more perfect story.

Yes, there were plenty of shiny toys. I have a couple of new ones with me now. However, the source of my excitement goes well beyond the tools in my backpack.

Every new person that I met today was a new connection…another educator to learn from and they were all more than willing to share so much of themselves and what they do. While I adore teaching technology with all of my heart and spirit, there is nothing that I love more than learning and growing. This year, there shall be plenty of that. Every new idea that I garner is yet something else that I can share with teachers. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

My daily workflow will be to share, grow and support learners.

The thought of this entire experience is spellbinding!


And to think…I actually get paid for this! Unbelievable!

In case you missed it…
Passion is Contagious! Live it! Share it!

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