Short Post: 30 Days of Learning! #iste2014

We are all learners!

Today I decided to embark on a new journey of growth. My challenge is to see how much I can learn in 30 days or between now and #iste2014. (Yes it’s 30+ days, but bear with me people)

This is not just a challenge about learning. It’s a challenge about sharing it.

So, everyday My goal is to learn something new and share it with you! It may be a video, blog post, Instagram image or whatever! The possibilities are endless! It may not even be technology. (Trust me, if I learn to cook a new meal, my family would be proud)

I just love learning…and sharing! And in the words of the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana…

When you learn and share, you’re doing the best of both worlds! (If there is an award for cheesiness, I win!)

So, dust off that brain. Bring out that blog and grow with me!

It’s only 2 steps!

1. Learn something new.
2. Share it.



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