Shortpost: A Few Lingering Thoughts from TEDSummit

1. In education, we tend to learn in silos and it was eye opening as we dealt with global topics from multiple lenses and experiences. This should happen more. For a more accessible experience, see Educon in Philly, which is centered entirely on education.

2. I’ve watched TED videos and had tons of discussions about those thought-provoking ideas shared. If you only ever watch videos and never engage in follow up discussions with people, you’re missing out.

3. TED offers all of their content online free but see previous statement. The power of this week was in the people, discussions, actions and relationships built. It’s not just the ideas but what we collectively do as a result.

4. TED is exclusive and super non-diverse in terms of race, specifically black attendees. This creates an automatic missing voice and perspective. I hope they listen and fix this.

5. Everyone wanted to make education better but missing were the voices of those that do…especially that of teachers. (Thank you Alicia) Do me a solid. Read Building School 2.0 and please put Chris Lehmann/Zac Chase on that red circle. If you haven’t read it, you should.

6. I left Banff with a brand new perspective. I’ve grown my circle of influence monumentally and have so much more to add soon, including about the TED Ed Innovative Educator program. Wheels up to Dallas.

One more…

If your goal is to amplify teacher voice and the only value that you see is in sharing lessons with TED content and not actually creating sustainable space for those ideas about education to flourish and be shared, then there must be a revisit around those goals and how to make them actionable.

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