Show n Tell in Algebra 1: IPad Showme App

Today in Algebra 1, I had an opportunity to test out a few apps with my students. The one that we LOVE the most is the one that shows the most promise so far for sharing and creativity.

ShowMeApp gives students the opportunity to do a little whiteboard screencasting on the IPAD and it’s pretty amazing. At first, I had issues with the app because there is no way to currently type out the initial equation…but we found a nifty workaround.

To get your equation in a “text” format:
1. Our workbooks/textbooks are in a digital format, so we saved the worksheets in ibook.
2. Zoom in to the equation that you want to solve and use the “screenshot” function of the Ipad take an image.
3. Download the Photoshop Express App(free) and Crop the image down so that the equation is clearly visible.
4. Open The ShowME app and insert image. Before hitting “ok”, resize and move the image to a location that you want.
5. Record

Below is a video of a showme created by one of my students…It’s her first one.

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  2. Dear Ms. Dixon,

    thank you for clean directions and practical application of this app. I just started using it, and have been using it as a white board. Can’t wait to see where we go now!!!

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