SMART Notebook 11: Embed Your Voki

I remember a couple of years ago trying to get my voki inside of my notebook software. After failing miserably, I gave up and literally did not use voki much after. SMART Notebook 11, or “the game-changer”, as I call it, has the ability to run various types of widgets. One of those widgets, located in the SMART EXCHANGE, is the voki avatar.

Voki is a web based interactive avatar that is fully customizable to say dialogue that you type or say. It’s great for students to do creative storytelling, recite poetry, sing songs or pretty much anything that requires voice.

I’m going to introduce voki to my students by creating an avatar to give hints on certain questions. I’ve recorded a video that explains the process for embedding your voki to SMART NB11. It’s going to be an awesome addition to my lessons and I’m pretty sure that my students will agree.


The voki avatar was created by one of the many publishing companies that are a part of the SMART Ecosystem, called Robots and Cupcakes. Their content is pretty incredible and worth checking out.

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      Did you make sure you grabbed all of the embed code? Also, make sure that you have adobe flash loaded on your system…very strange

  1. When I embed the voki code into smart notebook 11 I get a gray box with a small lego dice that has a question mark on it. The voki will not show up. Any ideas?

  2. I have a version of shockwave installed and still can’t get my voki to animate in Smartboard. It appears as a lego cube with a ? on it.
    Does anyone know how to fix it?

    The version of shockwave I have is 11,5,502,146

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      Hmm…I would probably need to see it. My voki has always worked. Are you grabbing the entire embed code?

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