SMART Response VE: My SMART Perspective


Today I started using SMART Response VE with all of my classes. Students with a mobile enabled device used their cell phones, while the remaining students used our Response XE units. In addition, I took my entire class to another teacher’s room while I helped with their SMART Response VE implementation. Below are a few hints, tips and tidbits that I wanted to share.

1. Students can use ANY mobile device or any device with Internet access. We had a combination of android, iPhone and phones with “generic” mobile networks.

2. Response VE is very Eco friendly. Any images that appear on the question page are also downloaded to the device…with the exception of Response pages from the lesson activity toolkit. Those pages and questions did not download to the devices. What this means is that students are no longer required to have a paper copy. Every question WITH images appears on their device.

3. No receiver means that students can be anywhere in the world and still submit assignments or participate in class as long as you, the teacher, leave the assignment open. Students can respond at any time as long as its done within the same day, from what I understand.

4. If cheating is a concern or test question privacy, understand that if questions are downloaded to the device, students can save images of test using their device’s screen capture function. In addition, students can open multiple browsers and go back to their question browser with no problem. In the English class that I visited, students were entering the title and author of a book that they would recommend for students to read. When students commented that they forgot the name, their teacher encouraged them to open a new browser and search for the title.

5. A student suggested that to make cheating slightly more work, teachers should paste all test questions as images as seen below. Doing this prevents students from being able to copy questions in to search engines to find answers.

6. Overall students that used their own device actually enjoyed the experience versus using the Response XE unit. Students commented that typing was a more natural experience and having the questions appear on the device was a huge benefit for students.



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