SMART ResponseXE Quick Tip: Sometimes Intelligent Grading Needs to be Exact

Back in May, I submitted a question set to the SMART Exchange. It was a simply put together systems of equations quiz. The intention was that students would enter their answers into their XE units in the form (x,y).

When I originally uploaded my file, I don’t think that I had a very good understanding of intelligent grading or how SMART notebook would interpret certain student responses. Now that I understand, I realize that my IG selections were off for this type of question.

Originally, I chose formal equivalence. The problem with that is that when a student enters their ordered pair in the wrong order, they are still marked correct which is exactly what I do not want. Content equivalence works the exact same way.

Intelligent Grading as written in an earlier post HERE.

  • Exact Match – Students must enter exactly what the teacher enters
  • Formal Equivalence – Students may enter same terms and operators in any order
  • Content Equivalence – Response will accept “all” mathematically equivalent answers

The bottom line is that if your are using XE and intelligent grading AND you want answers to graded EXACTLY in the order that you specify, you must choose exact answer. This was my duhhh moment as a teacher and I love those moments, because even as an expert user, we still make mistakes and learn…which is cool.

Below is a screenshot of exatly what I mean.









In the meantime, I have since corrected the file and re-uploaded to the SMART Exchange. You can download the question set here.

By the way, if you have MATH TOOLS, click the drop down and choose math actions and simplify numerically…students can actually algebraically solve then check their work.

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