SMART Slate Quick Tip: Dual Methods


Now that we have had our SMART slate for a few weeks now, some of my students have become great at using it and absolutely love volunteering to do so. To increase student participation, I try to create as many activities as possible to utilize both. Today we were studying slopes and graphing in Algebra 1, which meant that we had a perfect opportunity to interact with dual methods.

Basically, I provided the students with a set of coordinate points and asked that they determine the slope and enter it into SMART Response XE. When almost every student completed the task, I asked student volunteers to demonstrate any method of their choosing from the slope formula, to finite differences or rise/run.

One student worked their method on the SMARTboard while the other demonstrated using SMART Slate. Students were able to connect methods to one meaning and had a great deal of fun doing it! Like problem solving in math, same outcome…different paths to get there! Seriously, if I had to teach without my SMARTBoard, I would definitely NOT like it at all!

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