SmartBoard 10 Minute Tips to Add Interactivity

I’m always looking for ideas to add interactivity to my SMARTboard lessons. The easiest and fastest way is to utilize the Lesson Activity Toolkit, located in Notebook 10 Software. I have two favorite activities in the Lesson Activity Toolkit. One is called sentence arrange and the other is called image select. Both can be customized in less than 10 minutes and ready for your students to use, no matter what subject you teach.

Sentence Arrange

Sentence Arrange is an activity meant to help students when ordering is important. For my algebra 1 class, understanding the steps that are necessary for solving an equation was a major weakness. I wanted to create an activity that would get my students to start thinking about which steps came next and why. I created three slides with various levels of problems.

After going through each slide as a class, I gave each of my students a different problem and had them create their own “sentence arrange” to share with a friend. Needless to say, they had a great deal of fun and are actually excellent equation solvers!



Image Select

Image Select allows teachers to insert images and designate labels for those images. For example, a picture of a frog would then be labeled “frog”. Students would then tap the board in a “whammy” sort of way and be presented with three choices to name each image.

For my Algebra 1 class, I actually inserted 15 different images of equations. I then added a “work area” to give students a place to work out problems. Students took turns coming to the smartboard and tapping the rotating image to select one. After solving in the work area, students would then select their answer.

My students had more fun with this one than any other activity. They were eager to come to the board and work and were basically knocking each other down to “play”


The lesson is uploaded to the SMART Exchange in its entirety. Feel free to download and share .





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