SMARTboard + Airliner = 2(Engagement)


Since getting my airliner a few weeks ago, I’ve been trying to brainstorm ideas to use it more effectively in my classroom. Out of the box, it just always worked perfectly for me, even though I have never really used one before. However, my students were having a little trouble adjusting to not being able to look down and write…it was actually pretty hilarious to see. Right away I knew that I needed to come up with ways to ease their learning curve because as much as I love using it, I realize that technology is only great for them if they can interact. Below are a few tips and tricks that I have tried to help students be more comfortable using the Airliner.

1. The Sink or Swim Approach
Put the Airliner in the kid’s hands and just let them write and play. It may take doing this a few times, but they learn fast and most will eventually catch on. I call this the training phase, which occurs during the first few days.

2. Pass the Tablet
During instruction, I start out using the Airliner and as we have examples to work (math teacher here) I have the entire class enter answers into SmartResponse XE while we pass the Airliner around for volunteer students to work problems “on the board” from their desk. Things may look rocky at best but the students actually enjoy it and volunteers will flow from all corners of the room…literally.

3. Dual Problem Solving
Here is what makes Airliner cool…2 points of contact…for those of us without the luxury of the new 800 series board! Basically, you post 2 problems and one student works from the Airliner while the other works on the SMARTboard. My students think that this is the coolest thing ever!

4. Airliner as a Millionaire Lifeline
During a quick game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, add a new lifeline as Airliner support or make the Airliner your new “phone a friend”…(for Millionaire templets, check the Smart Exchange)

5. Handwriting Recognition is Always Great
I’m a pretty good Airliner user, but sometimes I do “cheat” by using the calligraphy pen and Handwriting recognition. My students love using the handwriting recognition feature because it takes away the “my handwriting looks terrible” factor. It’s simple to do…write a few words, switch to the pointer tool & touch the word just written. Click the drop down and choose Recognize for whatever phrase you just wrote.

The bottom line is that you WANT to get the technology into their hands with activities that make your students want to do it themselves. Of course, I am always open to new ideas so please feel free to comment and share!

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