SmartBoard + MangaHigh Math = Engagement Like None Other

Today in Algebra we began learning about laws of exponents…just the basics, multiplying and dividing. I started out with the traditional notes + homework “packet” and I know that the kids were bored because…well, I was. I decided to finish the activity that we were doing and get the class on MangaHigh.

I used Manga High a little bit last year but discontinued using after I saw the cost. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Manga High is 100% Free now…YES FREE for all teachers and students. With that said, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I am loading all of my students in and using Manga High frequently for the rest of the year…or at least until they decide to make it “un-free” again.

Below is a quick video that I took of my kids “playing” and learning…It was easily and by far the most amazing day of the year so far.


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