SMARTboard Quick Tip: Engage with Lino-It

One of the neatest tools that I’ve learned through twitter is Lino. is basically an electronic cork board. What I love about it is that you can store video, links, images and even documents in one interactive document.

Each entry is created as a “post it”. Once the task is completed or no longer needed, users can just “peel off” each note. Canvases can be saved as private canvases or as public allowing users to post or save content that you have posted.

On a SMARTboard, Linoit provides a nifty way to save and present a concept or topic to a class. Users can write on the board with digital ink, which brings up the transparent layer that can then be saved in notebook 10.

In addition, interactive links saved in Linoit can be followed and interacted with on the board.

SMARTboard + IPAD/Ipod Touch

Yep, there’s an APP for that and it’s FREE. In my classroom, here is how this looks…

1.The material is on the SMARTboard

2. Students can have the same canvas on their digital device.

3. Students are engaged with the material on their device as well as using on the SMARTboard…which can be done simultaneously.




The Bottom Line

Within the 5e model, Linoit is an amazing tool because it lends itself to so many possibilities for students to interact, create, post and share. How have you used Linoit? Please feel free to leave a comment and share…or better yet, add to my canvas on Pythagorean Theorem.


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