SMARTboard Quick Tip: PPT Titles & Flash

Since getting Smartboards and Notebook software four years ago, I hardly EVER user powerpoint. I try to keep the content as the main focus of my lessons but every now and then I do like to jazz up my pages with just a hint of color. Believe it or not, power point is great for doing just that…quickly adding a little color to your Notebook lessons.

Basically I create the pull tab, text box or sign in ppt and paste it into Notebook 10…that quick!!!

I’ve created a video explaining how I do it. At the time, I was creating an activity using a problem solving flash game. So, in the video, I also explain how to insert flash files into Notebook 10, which come in handy when the internet goes down at school.

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  1. Cool tips. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Also worth mentioning you can import whole powerpoint files into Smart too if people want to lay out lots of pages in PP and get them all into Smart in one go.

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