SMARTboard QuickTip: Import Powerpoint into Notebook

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get during beginner user training, is if you can use power point with smartboard.

Of course you can. Notebook 10 has the capabilities of importing your powerpoints and converting your text, images and links into seperate interactive objects.

SMARTnotebook WILL NOT retain your animation, so these will have to be redone using Notebook 10, if you choose to keep them. *Remember, constant blinking objects are distracting…but that’s another lesson for another day.

The Good: You don’t have to recreate the wheel. Every lesson that you created can be “converted” to a SMARTnotebook lesson.

The Sometimes Ugly: In a perfect world, every object and image would import perfectly, but this is sometimes not the case. If you used the shape tool in power point to draw an image, not every shape comes over as intended. You may have to recreate shapes and wordart in SMARTnotebook. My advise is to go through each slide and edit as needed.

Watch the short video below as I take you through importing a powerpoint file.

By the way, you can always just run your powerpoint as is…from powerpoint.

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  1. Why I cannot find the option that says import only power point presentations? when I click import, it only gives me the option of Import all common file formats files (.IWB).
    I am using a mac; may that be the issue?

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