SMARTnotebook Quick Tip: Random Generators

One problem that I had been having in class is students not completing class work or homework. In addition, going over homework can be such a tedious task that even I wanted to fall asleep. My students LOVE being able to work problems on the Smartboard but are often quiet when the time comes to volunteer.

Using my notebook software, I can create a quick way to randomly choose students as well randomly choose the problem that each student will work. Somewhere along the way, my students figured out that they needed to come to class prepared and my “lack of homework” problems began to disappear.

Random Word Chooser

Choose how many students and enter student names. Press select and a student will be chosen randomly.

You can also choose whether each student is chosen once or multiple times. (This is where it gets really fun because by allowing repeats, students have no idea if they might have to explain another problem)

Random Number Generator

If you have ever been to an educational conference and have seen SMART doing giveaways, you are already familiar with the random number generator. All I do here is go change the parameters to match the number of homework problems. Students touch the white space to then determine which problem they will work.

Still unsure of how this all works? Watch the video below…

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  1. Is there a way I can add more than 36 students to the Random Name Generator? I think I’ve researched extensively;-)

    1. Post

      Hi Andrea. Unfortunately, you can’t add more than 36 students to the Random Name Generator. What I suggest is that you have students number themselves off and use the random number generator. That’ll do the trick as well.

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