SMARTnotebook QuickTip: Add Sounds for Emphasis

This past weekend, I had a fabulous time working with teachers from various levels at Ennis ISD’s SMART user conference. In my hands on session about interactivity, almost every teacher had questions regarding sound…how to embed and where to get clips.  So, by popular demand, here are a few sources to find good quality mp3 clips for your notebook files as well as instructions on how to attach sound.

IMPORTANT – To attach sounds to an object, the sound file MUST be in mp3 format. With that said, I use a pretty nifty FREE converter for my audio files called Check it out HERE.

Download MP3/Audio Clips free…

I use Sound Jay quite a bit because the files are already in the correct format. If you need a quick applause, click human sound effects and applause will be the very first option. As a matter of fact, soundjay has quite a few clips under this category.

Nebo.Edu – Pretty good collection of wav sounds for ppt presentations. For these, you have to download first then convert using

 Wavsource is another source for quick sound bytes. Again, each file is is wav format so you will need to convert to mp3.

Dramatic Publishing has a select few sounds that you can download.

Of course, nothing beats creating your own audio files and you can do that using Aviary’s Myna Audio editor. As an avid audacity user, I found Myna’s web based audio editor quite user friendly. I even recorded two tracks which I will use in my SMARTboard demo.

To learn how to add sound files to notebook objects, watch the video below…

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