SMARTnotebook Tips: Download & Insert Swf Games pt. 2

I’ve never even heard of Hooda Math games until I started reading the entries on Kathy Schrock’s awesome sharing method for her Lenovo Thinkcentre M90z giveaway.

Quite a few of the games on Hooda Math  are pretty good and will be excellent on SMARTboard. However, I do not like to play or display games to children that include so many ads…especially ads that are more “adult” ads like pay day loans and other financial ads.

One of the greatest features of SMARTnotebook is its ability to play swf files and thankfully Hooda has a place on its site to download “for your own site”. In my case, it will be for my SMARTboard.

Hooda Math encourages users to download games and host on your own server, so I took the liberty of downloading 4 that I felt were pretty neat activities. Right click each title and save to your computer. Need a quick refresher on how to insert flash files into notebook software? Feel free to  watch the video again from my previous posting on ppt titles and flash files.

Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream truck is easily my favorite of the three. If you have ever played lemonade stand, ice cream truck is exactly like it except with ice cream.



Dress Up Math

In the game, you care to purchase shoes, a bottom and top and spend the exact amount given. Every aspect of the game is drag and drop which works great on SMARTboard.



Fraction Poker

I’m not really sure what this game has to do with poker, other than the fact that it says poker and you deal, but users deal and choose equivalent fractions. If the “gambling reference” title is not a deal breaker, fraction poker is not a bad choice.



Like “Simon”, but Pimon…If you are familiar with all the digits of pi, this game will be pretty easy for you. If you aren’t and want to learn it, it’s a great way to do it.

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