SMARTresponse XE: Summarize in 140 Characters or Less

Last week, I received my new SMARTresponse XE. For math and science, it’s an amazing device for students to provide real responses in mathematical and scientifuc characters.

However, there is another feature that to me, makes it even more of an amazing addition….THE OPINION TEXT

Normally, enteries are limited to around 20 characters. However, the opinion text allows students to enter a non-graded response in up to 140 characters.

We started out just playing around, I allowed the students to send me a message. Eventually that led to the question that I will have them answer now about once a week.

Tell me about one thing you learned in 140 characters or less…

Below are a few responses…

I learned how to find the arc length and area of sectors.

All that 120/360 x 2πr stuff…just too easy

I learned about circles and some other stuff like how to find areas of sectors and arc length.

I learned how to keep the π symbol in an answer.

I learned how to find the area of a circle minus the shaded area

 My students really loved doing it and I feel like it kind of added a twitter-like experience to my class especially since twitter is blocked at school

Now, If only I could print their full responses out on one sheet instead of printing invidiual pages for each student.

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