SMARTResponse QuickTip: Not Another Boring Test Review

This week marks the final leg of state assessments in Texas. While I am not a believer in last minute cramming or teaching to the test, I think that having a quick refresher during the last class day before testing is great just to talk about testing strategies and to calm their nerves.

I chose to redistribute benchmark exams that we did in February. Instead of me leading the standard “work each problem one after the other” format, I’ve decided to allow the students to share what they know. The way we do it, the kids actually have fun and it’s not another boring test review.

Here’s what we do…

1. Each students is equipped with their copy of their benchmark exam, smart response clicker and a formula chart.

2. As a class, we go through each question as an “instant question”…meaning that I do not pre-program the answers.

3. Students are to revisit each question and decide to keep their original answer or change it.

4. After we see everyone’s opinion of the answer, we either move on or discuss further.

5. If we do need to go over a problem, this is done by a student who feels comfortable enough and wants to share.

What this does is enables my students to see how much their problem solving methods have changed in the last few months of instruction. In addition, if there are still lapses in understanding, we get to revisit those topics…and the great part is that we only need to revisit what the students truly do not understand.

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