SMARTboard Quick Tip: Our SMART Collaborative Review

 This week, my students are working in collaborative groups, but it’s not just an ordinary grouping day. We are conducting “speed dating in math”…or “Speed grouping”

Speed grouping works like this.  Students begin with a series of activites centered around a specific student expectation. Every 15 minutes, a buzzer sounds and when that happens, students are to switch groups to collaborate with a new team on a new problem.

Students know where to go and who to work with through random selection. I use the SMART Random Group picker which is located in the lesson activity toolkit under tools. Once the timer goes off, I simply tap the “regroup” button and all groups are automatically reset.

It’s been a nice change of pace and students are taking each portion of the review seriously making sure that they have completed all parts before the “switch”.

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  1. Great! It is a very good activity for the students to accomplish the activity while regrouping and interaction take place.

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