Social Media: Why McDonalds Burgers Are So Pretty and Pink Sludge Nuggets?

McDonalds Canada has a youtube channel dedicated to answering customer questions. What I find interesting is that actual customer questions are asked and answered in a documentary and sometimes scientific style. What a great way to talk about how social media has changed the way we view marketing! One point of notice is that on the actual youtube video, comments are disabled, which will also bring about some interesting discussion amongst kids.

Below are a couple of videos that I found interesting.


1. Why does your food look different in advertising than in the store?

2. Are chicken mcnuggets made from pink sludge? part 1 (Part 2 results to be posted in a few weeks)

A point of thought: How could we utilize this same strategy in our classrooms? What if curricular areas set up similar youtube channels allowing questions to be answered by students, with responses recorded by students? The idea wheels are turning.

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