StoreHouse: An IOS Digital Storytelling Tool for the Secondary Crowd

Typically, I download apps and they live within my ipad in a bit of an “app graveyard” until I find a purpose. I will say that I was intrigued by StoreHouse from the start.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 11.34.39 PMStorehouse enables users to share media files from their camera roll, instagram, dropbox and flickr into a web page where they can then add text to form digital stories. Published pages can then be shared via twitter, facebook or by email. Technically, the interface itself is friendly enough for a younger crowd but the 12+ rating satisfies its terms of service. I’ve shown it to a few high school students and they actually loved the sleekness of the app itself.

You can view my created Storehouse HERE or scroll below!

How it Works:

IMG_0427 Users are prompted to select images or videos from their ipad camera roll. In addition, users can import from their dropbox, flickr or instagram accounts.

Once the media is imported, users can resize to adjust the layout, change the header and add text to highlight specific parts.

The completed project is a web page that can then be shared via a link to twitter, facebook and email. At this point, users are only searchable and followable through the app. However, once in app users can follow other users and find other stories which explains the 12+ rating.

What I Like About StoreHouse

1. Minimal design tools keep the focus on the content although I will admit that a few more text options would be nice.

2. The “modern” feel and interactive features make it a fun piece for students to use to create

3. Publishing to share to a global audience via twitter is simple as a touch and so is sharing via email which satisfies the “turn it in” problem for schools that block access to social media.

What I would like to see…

1. Google drive integration! Come on, really??? Why would you NOT include that from the jump?

2. I would like to be able to designate “sound off/on” while in design mode. I like the idea of mixing movable media but the sound can be annoying.

3. An iframe embed wouldn’t hurt or even publishing to pinterest. (I embedded my own iframe but the average user may not know how to do this!)

4. Search the database via hashtags of flickr and retain licensing.

EDU Uses

1. Create and publish a digital portfolio incorporating all of those amazing articles saved to the camera roll as well as across social platforms! (Thanks to Tina Zita for the reminder!)

2. Explain ideas through digitally created items as well as text

3. Create a “game day” page and share the results of the big game!

4. Create a media board for prom. (My niece LOVES this for this purpose alone!)

5. Create a unit overview showcasing socially shared media along with key thoughts using the text feature

6. Tell any story

Below is a video that I created with a brief overview

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  1. I was just wondering how you’ve embedded your storehouse page into this page? Do let me know when you get the chance. Thanks 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Dan, I embedded it using iframe tagging. I’ll post a “how to” when I land later. I’m so sorry that I missed this. For some reason, my blog didn’t alert me of a comment!

  2. Just downloaded this. Thought you be interested in knowing it’s now an “Editor’s Choice” at the App Store.

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