Storytelling with Adobe Slate and My Dad

I’ve been an Adobe Voice user and have used it countless times with students. However, there was a piece missing for students who needed a platform to liven up projects or ideas that required much more text. A few weeks ago, I was able to get a peek inside Adobe Slate and I’ve been anticipating its release since.

Simultaneously, my father…with his ipad…has been thinking about publishing his family history based on his research. Today, Adobe Slate released and I put it to the test with my dad who at 63 years young is a complete tech novice who has never used an app beyond safari and the photo album.

Ironically, I was asked today if I have ever used this app with students. In a non-traditional sense, my dad is a student. We all are…aren’t we? As a matter of fact, my work with my father is something that I recommend for all of us to do. Whether we capture these stories via video, portfolio or web…capture them. This is necessary. Adobe Slate was simple enough for him to use and we appreciated that.

A Few Tidbits

  • The app was created with schools in mind although it definitely has applications beyond school. For now, sign-ups are limited to Adobe and “Facebook”. For many schools, this is limiting and even more so when students do not have email. Come on Adobe? Work with us here!
  • Typing was problematic so we’ll definitely have to purchase a keyboard.
  • The app includes an internal image search and cites it accordingly, which is awesome!
  • Adobe boasts that stories can be embedded yet, that option is only available via the ipad app so to embed his story, I had to copy the code to a note file and then share it. The published web piece should have an embed option, somewhere at the bottom or where ever the share options are, but it does not.
  • Adobe Story allows videos to be saved to camera roll. Adobe slate should at least export as a pdf. It does not and that alone almost made us not use this app.
  • Where is the option to copy the published link to share? Yes, we can post to social media and then grab the link but if I wanted to embed a Slate story into thinglink, I have to share it to social media first and then grab the link. Updated below!
  • When the research supports that schools using Chromebooks outweigh those using ipads, why make an application that works on an ipad only? Creative storytelling via the web should always be a thing!
  • I recommend this app for grades 5 and up or any age when a person is writing full stories, research, essays or letters. (The sign-up will continue to be problematic for the under 13 crowd)

My dad’s first creative app was Slate and so far, he is pretty happy with it. Now, to work on his space to house his published library!

Edited to add…

Thanks to Ben at Adobe, the “copy link” mystery has been solved.

“To embed and get the kink, go to the Projects, click the … and select Share, you’ll see an option to Copy Link. You’ll also see Copy Embed Code.”

Check the image below!


Tracing History Horatio Hearne Adams

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  1. Love it. He (y’all) did an excellent job. I only wish more senior citizens would start documenting their history for their families who do not realize how important those memories will be to them one day.

    1. Post

      So true Scott! He’s beginning to understand that. He’s recording videos too and we’re setting him up a domain. It’s so necessary!

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