When High Performing Means Testing Factory

It’s 9:25 pm and my nephew is just now completing his homework. He’s a 3rd grader at a “high performing” elementary school and there is definitely a great deal of pride in that. Their 3rd graders have a history of “beating the test”. That tradition was made clear to him on the first day of class. Unfortunately, their “test beating” secret has come home with him everyday in the form of the stories that he tells and the evidence in his homework. My nephew’s 3rd grade education has been relegated to drill and kill worksheets, repetitive reading, over-duplication of spelling …


When Creativity Becomes an Escape

Creativity is so important to children well beyond it’s classroom purpose. Creativity is also therapeutic and I never realized it as much until yesterday. When I write my blog, I am fully engulfed in the idea built within the words that I write. Even on my worst days, blogging helps me to channel all emotions into my thoughts. It’s my personal escape, much like playing music was for me as a child. It didn’t take away some of the painful instances but it did allow me to channel my thoughts into something that made me feel happy. Yesterday, I was …

A Little Ipad Imovie Fun: Yayyy Christmas Break

It’s been a while and a lot of great things have happened in the last few weeks. In addition, even more is on the way. In the meantime, here is a video from me…errr…us….to you =)