The Unbelievable Ease of Thank You

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IMG_2033I struggle with accepting compliments.

In 10 days, I have written 26 postings…stories. I have been blown away by the response that people have given. It’s mind boggling to me that my words have had any impact whatsoever on anyone else. To then receive actual comments…meaning that people are taking the time to sign up to respond to my words is unbelievable which is what inspired this post.

Why is it unbelievable? Why do I still struggle with compliments from others? As reflective as I am, it’s odd to me that simple nice gestures are still uncomfortable. I struggle with this and maybe I’m hoping that writing about it will be the magic pill that fixes it…maybe.

If you’ve read any of my prior postings, you know that I have often felt that I was not good enough. It’s still crippling to think about it. I say that I am beyond this thought…that I am EMPOWERED. Yet, when someone comments or responds with a tweet such as the one below, I am stumped.

I found myself staring at it for 20 minutes at least struggling with how to respond. In 20 minutes, I found two words…Thank You. Even now, as I write this, I can’t believe how hard it was to come up with the easiest of words.

Dear Rafranz, being awesome isn’t just a phrase. It’s an action and also a reaction. It’s not equal and opposite but the same. – signed ME

I will no longer respond to compliments with an explanation to downplay my work. I will no longer act surprised that anyone cares because I am surrounded by people that do and I understand my own value regardless of whether it is noticed or not. If someone else appreciates what I do, it is a bonus…and I need to learn how to accept that. Today, I exhale any and all negativity about my worth.

Today, I am empowered by two words…




    1. Author

      I’ve definitely learned this now and will apply it to every aspect of my life. Thank you!

  1. Thank you for your inspiring words!! Just reading your post and talking with you through twitter has EMPOWERED me to step out in to the world. I keep thinking of a post you wrote that had the question What do you have to offer? What can I offer to others? I’ll never know until I put it out there…

    Thank you so very much!!

    1. Author

      YES!!! Major early morning EduWin! That is what it is about! Your start is already amazing because you did it!

  2. Dear Rafranz,

    Sometimes the simplest things seem to be the hardest. Thank you for your passion and your openness.

  3. Such a nice post and reminds me how nice it feels to get an unexpected compliment. I’ll always find a way to remind you of your awesomeness.

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