That Moment When You Are Speaking at The White House

There is a brief moment when you are asked to speak at the White House when you just might think, “What on earth have I gotten myself into?”

For me, that was never the case…not for a second!

For the past week, aside from work, I’ve done nothing but write, revise, recite and repeat my Ignite speech on Supporting #FutureReady Teaching and Learning that I will share at THE WHITE HOUSE tomorrow! I’ve never been more excited and ready for anything in my entire life and not just because I actually have a completed presentation well before the event but because I am deeply ready for this.

I grew up in a small town, a place where the greatest thing that has ever happened was winning a few State Championships in football unless you count the Super Conducting Super Collider that almost was…something of this magnitude was completely unheard of until now.

I’m not even nervous…yet. I was actually more nervous practicing in front of my mother, who is a tough one to speak in front of. She is a pro, after all!

I actually get to be in the same room as Our President and for my family, it doesn’t get any better than this. It just doesn’t…unless Michelle Obama is there…that would be amazing!

So, without fear or reservation…I get to channel my inner “Jose, Sabrina, Melinda, Chris, Diana, Xian, Audrey and Jaime” and every other speaker that I have ever looked up to. I’ll lean on the support of my friends and local community who have been loud and proud in their excitement.

More importantly, I get to represent my parents and my entire family. Without their sacrifices, there’s no way that I would be here.

It’s not about me at all but I’m grateful for the opportunity and platform to share.

Thank you to the Office of Edtech for taking a chance on a girl from a small town in Texas.

Because I am connected, this “unheard of thing” is real! Let’s put this same power into the hands of all of our learners. #futureready

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