The Art of Being Uncomfortable, Unscripted and Artistically Alive

Prior to my big “mid-school year” reflection, my days were pretty “blahh” in terms of growth and excitement. I’m not going to lie…I started my new job and I got complacent. I literally fell into the comfort of being the new kid and left a lot of “me” out of the equation. In other words, I can and should be doing much more. I acknowledge that wholeheartedly.

Every morning when I wake up, I have a bit of a natural reflection over the previous day. I reflect on these questions…

  1. What did I do yesterday that was different than the day before?
  2. What did I do to help make a difference for someone else?
  3. What can I do today to be a better me than yesterday?
  4. What did I do that far exceeded my own comfort zone?

The other day, I volunteered to teach one of our “district branded” Google part 1 trainings. I’ve never taught the course and I had no idea that it was as scripted to the letter of the law that it was. I was asked if I wanted to watch someone else do the course first. Of course I said…HECK NO! I wanted to do it because I’ve never done it!!! I started the course and in all honesty only checked the “teacher’s guide” to make sure that I covered all basics. I let the teacher in me take over and I taught that course according to the needs of the room and my own natural flow…art of teaching. Not only did I hit all bullet points and beyond, I did it in a way that I knew good and darn well was the best that I have ever done.

It was at that moment that I realized how much working outside of my comfort zone makes me feel more alive. It is also when I am best at what I do. The adrenaline from not knowing whether I would be great or fail is a rush that is completely indescribable because I know that at the end of the day, the outcome of the moment is minor compared to the journey itself.

We learn and grow through allowing ourselves to leave the circle of comfort and in all honesty…isn’t that the only way to do it?

I watch my nephew live his young life through trying new things daily and it’s inspiring because if he can continue to relish a life of learning in this way, the sky is the limit for him. Before he ever molded a single clown, made a claymation movie, drew an amazing picture, designed and created a puppet, made a puppet show or created a crazily crafty minecraft world…he was a kid sitting in his comfort zone.

One of my fellow Texas educators, Chris Kessler, posted this image on twitter. I think that it speaks volumes on its own.


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