The Audacity of Growth

Earlier today, one of my former principals shared this quote…

“When a seed is planted, the creative urge is to grow. It never stops trying… The audacious hope of rooted things…”

From the novel “Ruby” by Cynthia Bond.


The beauty of this quote is in its direct relationship to the art and science of being a learner. If we get education right, we will in essence be creating a culture of growth just like a seed…all types of seeds that grow in their own way…their own purpose.

Over the course of my career, I have had many great mentors, experiences and opportunities for growth. Some I excelled at immediately and some were epic failures…all of which leading to lessons that I continue to learn from today.

When I left Arlington, I envisioned myself doing full time contracting and continuing to work with a team to develop a system of learning. As with all paths, sometimes there are forks and we must choose. I’ve always known that my heart belonged in public education and when a friend offered a nudge to look into a career opportunity in Lufkin…I pondered, prayed and decided to take the leap of faith and try.

It’s now been about 1.5 months since that initial nudge and here I sit as the new Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning for Lufkin ISD…a role that I’ve dreamed about my entire career…before I knew that it existed.

I am extremely honored to join such a student and community centered school district like Lufkin and as I take the time to look, listen, learn and build relationships…I am proud to continue to be the seed…growing with each moment, conversation and experience.

I am fortunate to have worked with many amazing educators over the years while also being connected to some of the best educational leaders globally. With that said, I could not be more excited to work in a district with such a prolific superintendent and executive leadership staff that completely understands the power of innovative learning with countless opportunities for all learners.

Aside from myself, I am also excited for my son as this change will be just as significant for him with a move three hours away from the only home that he has ever known. I will admit that even after our visit to Lufkin, he was understandably apprehensive about moving. With my family living in Ennis, he could still opt to stay and graduate with his peers. This path will be his to choose.

As of now, I am watching him as he looks through the extensive course guide of Lufkin High School…verbally commenting on classes that he would love to take…classes that are not offered in our home town. I have a feeling that he’ll soon understand the importance of taking the leap into his own future.

Growth is amazing like that.

The audacity of it…


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