Defining Your Specialty

My new school, still in construction... Ochoa STEM Academy

My new school, Ochoa STEM Academy…
Under Construction

This morning, at around 3am, I woke up to a major “geekbump” moment when Dan Meyer followed me on twitter. I thought that I was done with the whole “superstar thing“, but I’m sorry… living, breathing, game-changing innovative, media using mathematicians are cool…DEAL!! 

Then it dawned on me that the person whose views on math education, that I admire greatly will be privy to my 140 character thoughts on his timeline. Now  to be clear, I am not having a “he is greater than me” moment. I am still awesomely fabulous. It really did make me think about what I share. What is my specialty NOW? I’m in transition from secondary math educator to elementary media specialist/unofficial tech integrator. It’s a strange place to be. You can read about it here.

I have never been great at fitting into a category anyway. Ironically our friend @cybraryman1 literally just asked me 2 seconds ago what category should he place me in on his pln page. I could not give him an answer. This is the page that categorizes people by their specialty and/or chat. There is no category for “in transition”. Here is what I told him.

I’m a math educator, media specialist, tech integrator, writer, over-chatter, admin in training…I could go on.

Having similar issues, he went with “multi-chatter”…which seems about right.

It’s an odd thing not preparing for my next year singularly in math. It’s even odder preparing for the unknown…learning something new and not being an expert at it…yet. This is ok. The greatest part of me is of my ability to learn, grow and share. There is no category for that.

The lesson here is this…

I am not defined by the career that I hold nor the tools that I use. I am defined by the story that write for myself. I am and will forever be an expert at the most basic yet fundamental principal of all. 

I am a learner


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