The Blogging Tree: A Thinglink

I’ve blogged before, but I never considered myself a blogger. As a matter of fact, I just knew that I wasn’t a blogger the day that I met a few that I like to refer to as “real bloggers”. Something within me ignited and now I can’t remember life without this powerful medium, only a few weeks ago.

All of my blogging, every post since ISTE goes back to the one and only GC.

The best part about blogging has been connecting with others who have felt compelled to comment or tweet me. Some have even gone on to create blogs or write a blog in response to something that I posted. I have never been more excited and empowered than I am now! So, this post is dedicated to the amazing people and the blogs that they have written.

I call this…The Tree That George Built

Thank you George Couros for either directly or indirectly sparking pure empowerment to BLOG!

And more thing! There is nothing greater than feedback!


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  1. Rafranz- great post. You are so right about the connections that come out of blogging. I didn’t understand the power of sharing your thoughts with others, of what happens when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. And like you, I can trace this back to George. :). You are amazing- keep writing!

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      Thank you so much! That 5 minute conversation in which my thinking was challenged was one significant moment in my journey. Sharing in empowering. It’s even more amazing to continue these connections and to see others take the leap of faith to write. 🙂

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