The Relentless Pursuit of Being Better

Moments like this were often in room C105

Moments like this were often in room C105

Today I connected with a teacher named Sue Alexander (@MrsSueAlexander). As I read her profile in order to welcome her to my PLN properly, I saw a statement that captured my soul.

This little nugget, is what it read…

Relentlessly pursuing my Beautiful Question: How can I be better? 

How Can I be Better? That one question answers so much as to why we connect via social media. We tweet into the night. We blog until we seem to be empty of words. We drive for miles to learn at edcamps and other events. We all do this for the purpose of being better.

Everyone should be on a constant pursuit of being better. The mere thought of it is empowering.

When you walk into your building as you prepare for the kids that you will encounter. Think of this. They are the reason that this question applies.

Yes, I want to be better for me. However, the students that I will touch deserve for me to be better for them.

THAT is why I tweet, write, drive, fly, learn and connect.

The Relentless Pursuit of Being Better

Thank you for inspiring me Sue Alexander.

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  1. As always, love your comments. Being in the profession for 30+ years, “getting better” has always been my matra. Social media has just connected lots of us with the same goals. Aren’t we lucky?

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