The Undefined “MakerSpace”

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 4.32.35 PMBy definition, “making” means constructing, building or putting things together. This isn’t new. Yet, we approach the idea of “making” as an entirely new thing. We even have a “space” for it now which seems to be our own way of creating an “anti-testing” space that somehow correlates nicely with “making” being the anti-testing movement.

I am all for creating, as I have a nephew addicted to the idea at home. However, we will no longer try to fit him into the mold of being a “maker”. What is that anyway??? Aren’t we all this?

My nephew, a puppet creating artistic minecraft builder, doesn’t fit into the current establishment of “making”. He could care less about the makey makey. He was bored with it, honestly. He has no desire, right now, to sit in front of a screen to perform angry bird coding. At some point, he may actually want to make robotic eyes for his puppets and for that, he just might buy in to the hummingbird. The 3d printer looks cool but again, he’s not that into it. Trust me..we’ve tried.

What he loves to do…sewing, molding and designing fur creatures…is rarely considered in the “edu version” of a makerspace. So, by his lead, we’ve determined that what suits him best is to be absent of definition.

Like his classroom, the world…he “creator” space is everywhere.

All he needs is access to learn what he wants…when he wants. He’ll make whatever his hands can mold wherever he is. This is his normal anyway.

His MakerSpace…Undefined

By the way, that mascot suit that he is wearing in the image…THAT HE HAND MADE…was made void of a single space. He prefers it that way.

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  2. Hi. I appreciate you sharing the story of your nephew. Your post makes me think about the focus areas of #STEM and #MakerEd . I’m really excited that the Makers movement is making us consider a re-integration of arts into our lives. While I work as a software engineer and love all things #STEM, our culture needs to find a balance.

    Thanks for your reflection.

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