There Are More Ways to Connect Than Twitter

Game night prior to extensive learning

Game night prior to extensive learning

Getting up early yesterday morning was not that easy of a task. For a second, I thought about the ramifications of missing the day’s activities. Clearly that was not an option as I definitely did not want to miss a second of DEN Summer Institute…plus it wouldn’t have been allowed 🙂

I could go on and on about every activity that we did. I will not as you can follow along on twitter at #densi2013.

Speaking of twitter, one would think that this entire “connected” group would be on twitter but that is not the case. As a matter of fact, on night one, a question was posed inquiring if members knew who Tom Whitby was. Only 4-5 of us knew. On the surface, that may look like a bad thing, but then again…is it?

Many define connectedness as being on twitter. While twitter is an amazing convenient method of communication, it is not THE method. There are plenty of other networks that give teachers a means to connect. For example, members of the DEN connect using twitter but they also connect via edmodo…like lightening! Every teacher that I talked to this week has a similar story of how they connect. I’ve talked to teachers who are collaborating via Skype, Pinterest, GHO, blogging, email and even face to face. Teachers are meeting up at coffee shops to share ideas.

Regardless of the method, it is still connecting!

As much as I believe in the power of twitter, I can’t stop wondering why we feel the need to impose our beliefs on everyone else. Learning is deeply personal and varies depending on the learner. It’s not about there being “one” way to share. We are a community that believes in multiple paths of growth for students and we have to be especially mindful of that in terms of how we grow within this practice.

The lesson here is this…

Talking to and teaching someone about the power of twitter is one thing. Demanding or making them feel inferior because they are not is another.



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