Think Travel Share RESPOND

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to mix up the way that I use certain teaching strategies along with SMART Response. I love doing Think-Pair-Share…but I also love to include SMART Response in our learning time.

What I came up with is Think Travel Share Respond. Here is how it works…


Students have 2-3 minutes to “think” to themselves and work out their assigned problem using any method that works. During this time, I do not answer questions and students cannot help each other.

Travel & Share

Students are to get up and walk to a person or location in another part of the room to share. If we “travel” more than once during a lesson, I ask students that they share with a different student than before. The main purpose here is to get them up out of their seats. We have 90 minute classes so doing this is crucial for some students. I give 2 minutes for this and again, I do not answer questions, this is where they collaborate with each other.


As soon as the “share” buzzer rings, students are to walk back to their desk area and enter their answers in their SMART Response units. This happens pretty quickly.

At the end, I talk about what happened, why they did it and what they learned from it. If I need to explain any aspect of the problem, this is where I can answer questions.

By this time, I have not had to really answer many questions because students were able to think and teach each other…which is exactly what I expected to happen.

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