Tidbits of Sharing, Blogging and Being Awesome at It

You never fully understand how your shared experiences can potentially impact another until it slaps you in the face. I don’t necessarily share “tech tips” because there are others like Lisa Johnson, Jamie Forshey, Andy Losik, and Aimee Bartis who do this amazingly well. I’d rather share them! Trust me, I have no problem with that at all! (Please do visit them if you haven’t already)

I’m a math educator but I rarely share math ideas. Instead, I share my math inspirations with others. Those include Telannia NorfarCathy Yenca, Christopher Danielson, Michael Pershan, Fawn Nguyen, Kyle Pearce and of course Dan Meyer. (It’s still crazy to me that when I train math teachers they have no idea who Dan is…like, really? I just want to revoke their licenses when that happens!)

Jose Vilson is a math educator worth sharing but I actually spread his postings outside of math more. HIs words regarding the state of education are pretty darn powerful. However, this edutopia article on engaging students in math is pretty great!

My experiences in life and in my classroom encompass the majority of my postings. My “tech tips” are usually buried in my twitter timeline communicated in 140 characters or less. Once I’ve tweeted it, I’m pretty much done with it. My ADHD guarantees this reaction.

The thoughts that make it to my blog are those that keep my attention enough to write. These are the ideas that drive my thinking at the moment and somehow manage to capture my thoughts long enough to dedicate a full post to, like this one.

Yesterday, I was reminded at least three times by three different individuals via direct message about the power and value of sharing. A post about my nephew’s educational struggles led a principal to change processes at his school. A former colleague wrote to me about feeling empowered after viewing Discovery Ed’s Future@Now Texas where I served as a panelist. Another tweep needed advice regarding dealing with pushback on her campus, something that we all face at some point.

For me, this journey of sharing took a turn for the better after a conversation at ISTE. I will never forget these words…

“What can you teach me? Where are you sharing?”

Whether we realize it or not, our experiences can potentially impact others well beyond our scope when we share them. Keeping ideas bottled up within your classroom walls does just that…leaves ideas and thoughts in the room. You never know who you will impact until you hit publish. You may still not know.

What I do know, is that there is always one person who benefits and grows from what I share.


There is nothing more empowering than that.

Speaking of 140 characters..

Yesterday, I ran across a new concept via twitter. Jessica Johnson shared Canva.com and Tracy Clark made my beta test possible. I shared a couple of Canva + thinglink creations via twitter.


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