Today is A Brand New Day

Yesterday I woke up to a sea of issues. My blog was hijacked with links from twitter forwarding to some strange site. I was speaking on a webinar and lost network connection entirely. To make matters worse, amidst dealing with drama related to the financial strains of putting a kid through college, I completely forgot that I had a session to teach at school. At the moment, every problem seemed bigger than the the one before it. I even tweeted that the day could not get any worse. The reality was that it most certainly could have and it did not.

Sometimes, in the midst of the moments that seem more problematic than the last, we need to remember to just breathe through it because “down” moments eventually cease. I was reminded of that by my amazing PLN who responded in masses to my “real life” based tweet.

Once I stopped to breathe trough “the rain”, my mind could focus on what needed to be done to fix all that was broken. In most cases, they fixed themselves by my waking up this morning to a brand new day.

As for my blog, it was most certainly hacked. After much research, on wpbeginner, I decided to start over entirely. Here is what I did…

  1. Export all previous postings. (We should all do this often!)
  2. Un-installed WordPress
  3. Re-Installed WordPress
  4. Imported xml file from previous postings
  5. Re-Upload images
  6. Start re-structuring the new blog

Today is a brand new day!

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