Uncomfortable is Good

This post is an open letter to the teachers of the school that I will serve in the fall…

Dear Teachers,

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 9.40.51 AMThis year,  you will embark on a journey that will be like nothing else that you have ever done. Our district has adopted the idea of integrating technology into our daily lives. They’ve even given you a choice between two devices, Mac and PC. The first challenge is that you may be using a device different from your peers. You will want to send information, share documents and possibly create. There will be times when you might forget how to accomplish such task and it is ok. I am here to help you through this process. It will get uncomfortable, but uncomfortable is good.

My job as the instructional media specialist is really geared more towards the library. It’s a strange world for me as I am more curriculum and technology. However, I accept this struggle because how can I expect you to live through “the uncomfortable” if I cannot do the same. I will manage what needs to be done in the library and I will also help you as you integrate technology into our classrooms. It will be a lot of work and uncomfortable at times, but uncomfortable is good.

I’m also going to ask that we embark on one single journey together and that is blogging. We will utilize kidblog.org across the campus as staff and students. We will share the great things that are happening but we will also share the process and that is important. One of the biggest misconceptions that educators have is that their stuggles are their own while perfection happens for everyone else. We will be one of the exceptions to that as we will grow through our struggles and show that the impossible can be done. It will be uncomfortable, but uncomfortable is good.

Why, you ask, is uncomfortable good? Through uncomfortable, there may be struggle and the desire to quit. Uncomfortable is also where risk taking happens. It’s where we decide that even though we don’t feel great doing it, we will still push forward. I believe that the spirit of our campus is dependent on our ability to push forward…even when it is uncomfortable and it will be.

What I can guarantee is that I will be here to support you and our students every step of the way. If I do not have the answers, we will find them together because the power of the room is much greater than one. Edcamps taught me that. I am deeply honored to serve you and with the support of our fearless leader, we will embark on this amazing, yet uncomfortable journey together.


Rafranz Davis
Instructional Media Specialist
Instructional Technologist – Unofficial but necessary

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  1. Such a good open letter. Love how you point out that you’ll be uncomfortable, just as your teachers. I’m interested in the way you will use kidblog with teachers and staff. I am hoping to use it with the students in my class.

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      I do know that we will blog. I will meet with our fearless leader next week and we will talk about it. Writing will help our kids to grow and become better writers. We will reflect. Teachers will be encouraged to share. That much I do know…

      Will definitely keep you posted as we move forward!
      Thank You

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