Uploaded to the SMART Exchange: Parent Functions

In keeping with my plan to upload content to the SMART Exchange, I created another mini lesson activity that we will utilize during our quick lessons in Algebra 1 and TAKS remediation classes.

Parent functions, as simple as they sound, are a trouble spot for many of the kids in our school. I wanted to create an engaging activity that would spark as much dialogue as it is fun.

The key to running this activity correctly is to let students drive the lesson while you facilitate and raise questions.

For example, on the analogy of a linear parent page as seen in the picture, I had students place a point on the graph where they believed that y=x. This was more important beyond just creating the graph because students had to consider the relationship between the x’s and y’s. What I loved was a moment when a student plotted (-2,2) everyone immediately said that the point could not be correct because one was positive and one was negative. That student then corrected himself and plotted a new point. Once all points were plotted, students touch the equation and connect it to the graph to see the line formed through the points that they created.

Parts of this file utilize notebook math tools as well as SMART response. However, it can easily be adapted otherwise.

You can download the file here from the SMART Exchange.

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