Viewing PD from the Outside In

pdI don’t think that it really sunk in how technically far I am from the classroom until my reflection time after work. My department is housed at a professional development facility for our district, which is located across from a mall…not near a school crosswalk.

Every aspect of the building screams PD, from the racks of poster paper to the pre-filled containers of markers, index cards and pencils. When the time comes that I need to teach a session, everything that teachers could possibly need is right there and ready to go.

This entire idea is so far from normal for me.

As I sat in our meeting and received my campus assignments, my mind immediately raced to ways to build relationships and determine needs for the teachers that I will serve. The reality is that I can’t possibly be in all 533 classrooms, but that won’t keep me from trying.

After the time comes that I can meet with campus principals, technology liaisons, curriculum specialists and even teachers…the fundamental truth is that the only way to truly plan PD so that we meet the needs of students is to be near our students.

It is the students, after all, who motivate us to do what we do…our passions begin and end with them.

Tomorrow, when I go to work to plan my first AISD PD session, I will also be formulating a plan to be on campuses in or around classrooms as much as humanly possible. As an instructional technology specialist, I believe that my strength lies in my ability to connect with kids. That is what I can best bring to our teachers. The technology, while supporting curriculum, will support that as well.

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