What Haiku Deck Teaches Students

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 8.59.24 PM Today I had an opportunity to lead a session with a group of teachers in my school district. For this session, I created a Haiku Deck, not to use as a presentation driver but to be an informational tool about the applications that we were learning. Today, Haiku Deck, wasn’t at the forefront of discussion but when a teacher asked if students could create Haiku Decks via browser, it earned it’s own “application slot, and rightfully so.

Haiku Deck is plain and simply a visual storytelling/presentation tool. It is brilliantly created so that the mistakes that have given power points such a poignant reputation are not made…if done correctly.

In our district, we do not have full student access to ipads, the only Haiku Deck creation tool as of today. However, we do have teacher devices. I’m not even considering the teacher ipad access to Haiku Deck for this posting. I’m considering the gallery on haikudeck.com.

Looking at the Haiku Deck gallery, students can not only learn about the proper format of a presentation  but also about how images are used to tell stories. The power of Haiku Deck lies in its database of images.

HaikuDeckUsers can use their own images, but they can also search by term and find the perfect vision for their slide. The Haiku Deck that I am working on is a deck describing my excitement for #iste13, my first one. I’m so excited that I wanted every slide to give a vibe of “pure giddyness” and Haiku Deck’s library of images enable me to do that with words having a minimal presence.

I did not have this skill before Haiku Deck and I learned through the gallery. Now, let’s extend the activity. While students explore, teacher pre-selected decks, have students make inferences about search terms used. What is the word or phrase that drove this image? Does the visual match the message?

That is powerful learning! Check out my latest deck below, the topic of my presentation.
Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

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  1. How on earth did I not see this before, Rafranz? I love how you describe the experience of creating and learning with Haiku Deck so much. (I also LOVE that Vine video!) Thank you so much for your passion and enthusiasm. Cheers, Catherine

    1. Post

      Thank you Catherine! I have a new post coming about uses of Haiku Deck and creating custom slides soon! Thank you for reading!

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