When Creativity Becomes an Escape

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.38.17 PMCreativity is so important to children well beyond it’s classroom purpose. Creativity is also therapeutic and I never realized it as much until yesterday.

When I write my blog, I am fully engulfed in the idea built within the words that I write. Even on my worst days, blogging helps me to channel all emotions into my thoughts. It’s my personal escape, much like playing music was for me as a child. It didn’t take away some of the painful instances but it did allow me to channel my thoughts into something that made me feel happy.

Yesterday, I was able to spend some time with my amazing nephew amidst some pretty intense personal family moments. As the other adults were in their space “figuring things out”, I chose to spend some time engaging with the one soul in the house who had no idea what was transpiring…or so we thought.

I introduced my nephew to Tellagami, which is an ipad app that allows students to create stories as told through an animated avatar. Braeden’s story of choice was about lions. He asked me two questions…

  1. Can he record several different tellagamis and put them into one movie?
  2. Can he edit out the white credits that appear at the end of each?

For the next few hours, I watched as he excitedly created his story about going to the zoo. He even involved many of our other family members by “forcing” us to read his scripts. He loaded all into imovie, did his editing, added music, titles and then published to youtube. He was most excited about publishing! Imagine that!

You can view his movie below…

As silly as his little movie is, there is a small theme built within it. On the surface,  it ‘s a cute and creative video. Beneath the surface, he communicated to us in a way that most would miss.

The lion family is missing the dad. He even added another slide about the cubs looking for their dad. The story ended with the lion family all together again. As many times as I’ve seen Braeden’s video , I didn’t even notice it…not until this morning.

Many of our children in our classrooms are faced with everyday problems within their families. Our own personal ones are no different. Facing the realities of the disruption of his home pending divorce, this is how Braeden told us what he was feeling…or at least that he knew and what he thinks may happen. Watching this video with a new set of lenses actually hurts a bit because I’m now hurting for him.

However, as he escaped into his movie…he gave us a look inside of his thoughts to help him better…to meet his needs. After all, regardless of the learning, isn’t that what creativity is…Personalized learning?

I will add that he did not seem sad or even upset. He giggled, smiled, hugged and played. He even cerated a tellagami about the Haiku Deck that I made with some of his art work. You can view it below.

As the adults in his life handle the adult issues, I am just so proud of him that he felt comfortable enough to talk through an avatar and his art. I don’t think that he would’ve done that otherwise. I know that he would not have.

Creation gave him a voice and a place to focus his thoughts. Now that we’ve listened, we get to act and support his needs.

Our kids are communicating their deepest thoughts…said and unsaid…learned or not learned,  through their creations. Are we listening?


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  1. Thank you for sharing! That is awesome! I loved his creations and I can not wait to spark that creativity in my room this year.

  2. Hi, I just found your blog. I agree, creativity is such a great escape! That is why I actually made a blog called thecreativityofescape.wordpress.com last year. But I only really had the courage and time to start posting a couple of days ago, and I think it is fun, and it helps me to be more creative and to enjoy that escape again.
    The app sounds great. And it is a very interesting thought, that there is a second, personal story that the kids are able to communicate with it!

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