When the World is Your Classroom

puppetsAnyone that wonders why technology access is important hasn’t spent time with a 9 year old driven by his artistic passion and goals to create the world that he wants to live in. They have no idea what it’s like to watch from afar as he searches relentlessly to learn something that sparks his “wonder”… only to then be captivated by an entirely new idea. Then, the cycle begins again.

When the world is your classroom, you don’t see things as they are. You see things as you can create them to be. Pinterest isn’t just a page full of stagnant ideas. It’s a page full of things that people have created, shared, revised, re-created and shared again. It’s the idea hub of idea hubs and the beauty of it is that its growth is astounding. It’s not just normal for one to search a site like pinterest for ideas to create…it’s understood.

worldWhen the world is your classroom, you have no problem with trying something new even without written instructions. You know that there is a “help” website, blog or in most cases…a youtube video. The other day, I handed my nephew a new app and I didn’t need to sit beside him to explain how to use it. I showed him one thing…layers. He learned everything else through youtube and trial and error. I didn’t even have to tell him that there were youtube videos…it was understood.

When the world is your classroom, there are no boundaries to sharing what you do. An upload button is not cloaked in fear. It’s a window to teach someone else as you have learned. My nephew, at 9, will grow up understanding the power of blogging, sharing and publishing. Once he found search, his first thought was that he wanted people to be able to find things that he has done on the web too. This didn’t scare me at all because I knew that as we taught him to publish, we would also be teaching him about digital citizenship. His blog and my instagram feed are full of his work because when he creates, publishing isn’t a question…it’s understood.

bearWhen the world is your classroom, there is no waiting on someone to grant permission to learn. There is no book or timeline specifying when the learning occurs. It’s not a matter of “can I”. It’s a matter of “when” and “for how long”. Every moment is an opportunity to be inspired and through that comes even more chances to try. Failure happens often and it’s a simple shrugging of the shoulders because when the world is your classroom, it’s understood that these things happen. They just do.

When people say, “it’s not about the tools”, I hope that they really mean that because when the world is your classroom, it really isn’t. It’s about passion and a need to share it. It’s about using what is necessary to accomplish a task. It’s about learning something new that you never even considered.

These are the moments when learning isn’t a question of “tested” or “not tested”. Learning comes from this unknown place called….fun

When the world is your classroom, it’s understood that you can do five things…

  1. Learn
  2. Curate
  3. Create
  4. Collaborate
  5. Publish

No directives…Understood


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