Why Adam Bellow Rocks

Adam Bellow and myself during Hack Education

Adam Bellow and myself during Hack Education

Every school stakeholder, starting with the superintendent and school board personnel, should be required to watch Adam Bellow’s Keynote Speech…Period.

I met Adam Bellow months ago at Discovery Education’s Beyond the Techbook. My first impression of him was the he was genuinely a nice man. I ran into him at ISTE and unlike any other keynote that I’ve ever seen, he was a part of the community from beginning to end. I LOVED that about him. He didn’t fall prey to his own hype and even commented that at the end of the day he still had to go home, get his wife’s coffee order and take out the trash. Next year will be someone else’s turn. Those were his words as we walked the expo floor waiting to participate in a GHO for Edreach.

The man who gave the message of a lifetime is still one of us…an educator who loves to share…which is why we were all so excited and proud for him. His ultimate “bucket list item” fulfilled is yet another reminder of why dreams and actions are crucial to growth.

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