Why I Share My Nephew’s Stories

Everyday we have the same routine.

  1. Spelling/vocabulary words, 26 of them, are written 5 times each.
  2. An excel math sheet is completed
  3. A homework chapter reader is read
  4. On Wednesday’s , 10 sentences are written as well
  5. Practice multiplication facts

As soon as the kid gets home by 3pm, the homework cycle begins…day after day…after day.

Like so many of our children, my nephew is such a dreamer. He creates some of the most fantastic art that I have ever seen. He makes random “things” using odd finds from around the house. He absolutely loves every thing about lions and Dr. Seuss, two of his most discussed topics. He despises school and has learned to hate it over time.

For children, school is supposed to be a magical place. It’s a place that some feel is their “safe place”. It’s a place where kids love their teachers, discover great books to read and learn to explore math hands on. For Braeden, school is the place where he powers down digitally, creatively and intellectually.

As I view the amazing things that other kids are experiencing in their classrooms facilitated by their connected teachers, I’ve painfully realized that there are experiences that my nephew will never have.

  • No creativity
  • No Genius hour
  • No “MakerEd” at school
  • No collaboration
  • No joy
  • No laughter
  • No gaming
  • No digital storytelling
  • No blended learning
  • No glue, construction paper or scissors
  • No media
  • No fun
  • No one telling him that “He Matters”

With this painful realization comes the bright side. Other parents and/or teachers just might see my postings and somewhere there will be a student who will not have Braeden’s experience because of it.

Moments such as this make sharing his journey worth every word.


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