Why the IPad Won’t Replace SMART Slate

20110723-102920.jpg One of the questions that I heard many times at CAMT was, “Is there an app that will allow me to use my IPad to write on my SMARTboard?” The official answer to that is NO, SMART does not yet make an app for that. So now, let me get to the unofficial response to that question…

There are plenty of apps, both free and paid that allow users to remotely control their computers with the IPad mostly for cooperative planning and business meetings. SMART even has an app for that called BRIDGIT and it allows multiple users to write with their IPads. It’s even a free app, but it’s not a free service. I’ve used it for a meeting and while it is wonderful, you will not benefit from this app unless you have access to a bridgit server.

With that said, other apps like Doceri and TeamViewer are perfect for remotely controlling your computer and in essence you could use them to write in notebook software, move objects…etc…but using those does not allow you to use your iPad while a student writes on the board. You still only get one point of contact, while SMART Slate actually adds one more.

SMART Slate is designed to interact with Notebook software as an addition to what is being done on the board. So, technically, one student can be writing using Slate and another can be writing on the board simultaneously. You cannot accomplish this with your iPad…yet…and that is only until SMART decides to make that happen…and I’m not sure that will happen any time soon.

I have an IPad and I love it. While I wish that there was a Notebook app for iPad or a way to make my SMARTboard and IPad play well together, I am content with creating interactive lessons for my board and using the iPad app store to find complementing apps for lesson extension.

I just believe that there is no substitution for direct student interaction with the SMARTboard itself. Isn’t that why we bought them in the first place?

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