Why We Need Untangling the Web

My Dembo Unsigned Copy of Untangling the Web

My Dembo Unsigned Copy of Untangling the Web

Did I necessarily need a book about “20 Tools to Power Up my Teaching”? Probably not…on the surface.

[Edited to add Link to Adam and Steve’s Untangling the Web Padlet from Iste which is pretty GREAT!]

However, my teachers needed it and this tool, this one book just made my new life so much easier. Untangling the Web, written by the amazing Steve Dembo and Adam Bellow is probably one of my most fantabulous takeaways from ISTE, because that is where I bought the book! Adam even signed it. (insert #geekbumps and #nerdgasms) If you haven’t seen the most amazing keynote ever, you need to stop reading and WATCH IT NOW! (Jump to 25 minutes in)

What I love about Untangling the Web is that it is not just a checklist of tools, but a guide with ideas on how to use them. In addition, there are pages of “tweets” embedded within each section with feedback from their PLNs regarding each tool. I found people to add to my personal learning network that were not a part of it before. How cool is that?

The power of Untangling the Web, lies in its social community with access to video tutorials. As one community member Bobbi Capwell stated, it is a way for teachers to meet and mingle that may be easier than twitter. I agree with that. For some teachers, the comfort of a community geared towards one idea is a great segue into expanding to the twitter world, if they so choose.

For our teachers, every single tool in this book will be new. It is a truth that can’t be ignored. I’m happy that they will have a handy guide to ease the transition into a world with access.

For the record, I learned some fantastic tools as well like capzles, an awesome tool for creating a visual timeline. I’ve known about easelly, but I’ve never used it and my book gives me a more hands on guide.

With the book, digital companion, online community and videos… Dembo and Bellow thought of everything!

If that is not enough, check out the book trailer created by Dennis Grice. It’s #FreakishlyFantastic

In case you missed it, JOIN the Untangling the Web Community …AFTER you BUY THE BOOK!

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words!! And couldn’t be more thrilled to have you as a member of our community, both in and out of UtW. You’re an inspiration in so many ways, and I can only say it was karma that led to us chatting at TCEA.

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      If this were facebook, I would totally “like” this comment or if it were twitter, I would “favorite”. Thank YOU for easing my workflow! And for that 5 minute life-changing conversation…One of these days, I’ll write about it….not yet! Thank you

  2. I’m definitely buying this book! Can’t wait to learn more from these 2 amazing educators and to share the knowledge with teachers at my school!

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  3. Another sad miss of ISTE for me. I was so very anxious to get my hands on this book. Alas, time will come some day! Thanks for sharing the awesome work of two amazing educators.

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      First of all, you read my blog and I might pass out from excitedness. 2nd of all, we shall get our hands on you a book!!

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