Xtra-Normal: The Mock Interview Assignment

Two summers ago, my daughter took a speech class from a pretty innovative instructor. She was, and still is, very much so open to new ideas and she integrates a great deal of technology when she can. One of the assignments that all of our speech kids do is the mock interview.

The mock interview is normally a face-to-face interview that is done between a student and a willing participant where the concept of a correct and incorrect interview are acted out. After a casual conversation between myself and my daughter’s teacher, I volunteered to create an interview that she could show to her class using Xtra Normal. What ended up happening was even better. My daughter, who was 13 at the time, created the video for her class with no instruction or help from me. It’s that simple to use.

The Mock Interview

After the interview assignment was complete, my daughter decided to create another video that has now found its place among course requirements. Below is her XtraNormal “About Me” video. I thought that it was such a good idea that I created one myself.

About Me


Final Thoughts on XtraNormal

Xtra Normal is an amazing tool that allows users to create text-to-speech movies with nifty characters, backgrounds and effects. When I ventured into “xtra normal” territory years ago, they were only in the process of trying to get into the educational realm. Now, with one click users can enter an “education safe” version of this site.  I think that Xtra Normal is great for education in general and I look forward to seeing what others are doing in their subject areas.

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